Monster Products Sound Stage product Launch + Campaign.

AGENCY: Akavit + Friend Or Foe LAUNCHED: July 2015 MY ROLE: Producer/ Copywriting/ Creative Director TEAM: Kate Briggs / Sarah Betts Project Description: We connected with four professionals in the Maker community that represent a lifestyle and personal aesthetic consistent with the aspirations of a Sound Stage customer. Their home was setup with a Sound Stage network and we conducted a natural, candid photo shoot with the subjects using the product in real ways. We’ll captured quotes and testimonials and built a story around how this great product elevates the home life of those that own it. Our ideal candidates fell between 25 and 40, and had an inherently interesting job, takes pride in their own appearance and the interior of their home and is engaged in the DIY lifestyle. The visual identity of the campaign was derived solely of the textures, colors shapes and sounds of the four home interiors, the subjects themselves and the beautiful design of the product.

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