Monster Products #waterdance Facebook Campaign

LAUNCHED: Sept. 2015 AGENCY: Akavit + Friend Or Foe MY ROLE: Producer/ Copywriting/ Creative Director TEAM: Kate Briggs / Sarah Betts / Cat Killfoil This project is the brain child of Cat Killfoil while all of us worked at Akavit digital Agency back in June 2015. Friend Or Foe is currently running the campaign. Water Dance consists of a feature on the new BackFloat page on that leads users to a Facebook campaign tab. On this tab they see the original Water Dance music video, the Water Dance how-to video and user submitted content of fans doing their own version. To tie it all back to Monster, seeded content of the BackfFloat making water literally dance are included on launch day. NOTE: This concept came as a request straight from the owner of Monster, Noel Lee when he challenged us to create a campaign around the concept “Can you water dance”. Chris Porter is a serendipitous opportunity discovered by our Social Media director. He was a fresh, unknown artist with a summer hit called Water Dance gaining serious momentum and popularity at the time.

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